The Blue Lightening Transceiver

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Introduction to the Blue Lightening Transceiver

Price of the Kit and Accessories/Order Form
Ordering Information

Construction Information

Parts List/Contents of Kit


Instructions for the Ham Radio Version of the Kit

Circuit Details

Board 1 || Board 2

LED Information || Infrared IRED Information

Block Diagram

Front End of the Receiver - Board 1 (Picture)

DDS VFO || DDS Amplifiers || T/R Switch

TV & FM, Broadcast Filters (Picture) || High Level RF Amplifier (Picture)

Varicap Tuned Bandpass Filters (Picture)

Single Balanced Mixer with Single Balanced Post Mixer Amplifier (Picture)

Crystal Filters (Picture)

Board 2 is the same one as used in the Electroluminescent Receiver Kit,
so you will be going to the ELR circuit details with the following Board 2 links.

Second Mixer to Audio - Board 2 (Picture)

Second Mixer (Picture) || Crystal Oscillator/Amplifier (Picture)

IF Strip (Picture) || AGC/Mute (Picture) || S-Meter (Picture)

BFO/Amplifier (Picture) || Product Detector (Picture) || Audio Amplifiers (Picture)

AM Detector

DDS VFOs with Transmit Function

Using the Receiver

Parts List of Receiver

Contents of the Kit


LED Diagnosis/Troubleshooting
Board 1 || Board 2

LED Information

Testing Super Bright and Regular LEDs

Modifying the LEDs - Boosting the Visual Impact

Infrared IRED Information

Details of the Infrared Switching

Labels for the Receiver Controls

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