Super Receiver Circuit Details

The receiver is shown with values for 20 meters. It can be built for any band from 80 to 10 meters with appropriate values used in the input filters and the VFO/Crystal filter combination.

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Front End

TV & FM Filter || RF Amplifier (Picture) || Bandpass Filter (Picture)

First Mixer (Picture) || Post-Mixer Amplifier (Picture) || Relays

VFO Circuit (Picture) || VFO Amplifiers (Picture)

Crystal Filters

Crystal Ladder Filter Circuits (Picture)

Crystal Filter Amplifier (Picture) || Second Mixer (Picture) || 4MHz Oscillator (Picture)

IF Strip

First IF Amplifier (Picture) || Second IF Amplifier (Picture)

AGC Amplifier (Picture) || S Meter Circuit (Picture) || AGC Circuit (Picture)

BFO/Product Detector/Audio

BFO Circuit (Picture) || BFO Amplifier/Buffer (Picture)

Diode Product Detector (Picture) || Audio Amplifier (Picture) || Speaker

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