Step 2

Stuff Board with all
Disc, Mica, and NPO/POLY Capacitors

There are extra capacitors in this bag for values of C35 used for bands other than 40 meters. They are the following:
220pf NPO - 80 Meters (3.5MHz), 30 Meters (10.1MHz)
120pf Mica - 20 Meters (14MHz)
100pf - 17 Meters (18MHz), 12 Meters (24.89MHz), 10 Meters (28MHz)
47pf - 15 Meters (21MHz), 12 Meters (24.89MHz)
See VFO winding chart for more information, Step 6, Part C

C30 - 220pf (220) Poly or 200pf (200) Poly - Mount standing up with the long lead facing the NE602 (U1). This makes a handy test point for VFO frequency measurements.

C35 - Value for 40 meters is 300pf (301)(Substitues may be in kit including 324 and 271). See VFO winding chart for values for other bands, Step 6, Part C.

C32 - 85pf Variable Trimmer. Flat is placed next to the lettering C32. Round side is ground. Kits with large .01 caps, bend at an angle to get trimmer into footprint. See picture below:

C1, C4, C5, C6 - 300pf Mica (301, 324, or 271)
C27 - 33pf Mica/NPO (33)
C28 - 15pf Mica/NPO (150)
C38, C23, C25 - 100pf Mica/Disc (100, 111, or 110)
C20 - .047 Disc (473 or 47nK)

( ) - Indicates alternate marking for value

Total Parts: 29

If there is any confusion on the parts, check the Parts List included with the kit. Current subsitutions will be noted and marked.

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