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The most beautiful Electroluminescent Receiver to date. Built by Chuck Nolin, WA6LTV/4, based on the same design techniques as the last receiver below. Some really beautiful craftmanship here. The edges of the case are fired with Super Bright Blue LEDs. This receiver uses the new LED Frequency Counter. More pictures here

A new homebrew case for the receiver that uses a wood base and trim. All plastic case using Super Blue LEDs to light up the edges. This is the basic receiver using red LEDs without the optional Frequency Counter or Stabilizer.

See "Modifying the LEDs - Boosting the Visual Impact"

A highly modified version of the Electroluminescent receiver using Super-Bright LEDs, rotary switching and CDROM tuning (CD is missing). The Product Detector diodes were replaced with Super-Brights Blues (the cluster of four at the front of the top board). Optional AADE DFD2 and plastic S-meter are shown.

Receiver with no modifications to the LEDs. This is the way the kit would look built with all the kit LEDs - all bright Reds. Extras included with this build are the 50ma S-meter and the AADE DFD2 frequency counter.

An early prototype with solder mask on the boards giving them a green color. The LEDs that could be changed out without modifying any circuits were changed to Super-Bright LEDs. Shows the extra plastic S-meter back lighted with a small Super-Bright blue LED.

A homebrew case for the receiver that uses 3/4" aluminum angle, mirrors, and plexiglass front and top. Optional AADE DFD2 and plastic S-meter are shown.

This receiver was built as a special project for NT5W. It shows a side-by-side construction. This type of construction makes diagnosis and modifications easier. With all the LEDS exposed it is also a very bright version. The Blue LEDs are a special smoked lens type that are much easier to view than the SuperBright Blue LEDs with the clear lens.

The LED frequency counter was a prototype version of a new counter currently being developed for the receiver. Release of the counter should be during the summer of 2008.

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