NE602 References

The SA602, SA612, and NE602 are virtually identical. All of them work in the Beginner's Receiver with equal success.

SA602A NXP Data Sheet

SA612 NXP Data Sheet

NE602 Balanced Amplifier and Oscillator

ON1DHT's 50 MHz Converter
Look under "Wireless" in his index on the left side of his home page.

HF to LF Transmit Frequency Converter

SA612 Integrated-Circuit Double-balanced Mixer
The SA612 is very similar to the NE602 and the information on this site can be used for the NE602. Shows a PSpice simulation of the SA612. Very interesting information.

A list of LT Spice files for the SA612

"The QRP-15 CW Transceiver", by Rick Littlefield, K1BQT, CQ Magazine, September 1990, Page 43

"NE602 Primer", by Joseph Carr, Elektor Electronics USA, January 1992

"A Compact 20-Meter CW Transceiver", by Rick Littlefield, K1BQT. Ham Radio, June 1987, Page 8.

"An NE602-Based QRP Transceiver for 20-Meter CW", by Rick Lettlefield, Ham Radio, January 1989, Page 9.

"Simple Receiver From Complex IC's", by Bill Parrott, W6VEH, Ham Radio, November 1988, Page 10.

"NE/SA602 Double Balanced Mixer and Oscillator", Signetics Linear Products Data Book, Page 4-66.

"AN1982 - Applying the Oscillator of the NE602 in Low Power Mixer Applications", Signetics Linear Products Data Book, Page 4-80

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