Step 3

Place All Resistors
on the Board

Bend resistor leads about an 1/8" away from the body to fit the footprints.

R10, R11 - 100 ohm (Brown, Black, Red)
R1 - 270 ohm (Red, Violet, Brown)
R2 - 470 ohm (Yellow, Violet, Brown)
R4 - 3.3K (Orange, Orange, Red)
R5 - 47K (Yellow, Violet, Orange)
R6 - 39 ohm (Orange, White, Black)
R7 - 220 ohm (Red, Red, Brown)
R8 - 2.2 ohm (Red, Red, Gold)
R9 - 1 ohm (Brown, Black, Gold)

Even if the resistors come marked or tagged, one way to make sure you are using the right value is to measure the resistors with an ohmmeter. Please double check!

Total Parts: 39

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