Completed Bottom Plate

Shows all the components placed on the bottom board. The arrow points to the connection to 12 Volts. The power supply should be a well regulated/filtered power supply. Almost all wall warts have caused hum in the audio.

The stabilizer is mounted underneath the VFO amps and shielded from the VFO capacitor. Completely shielding the stabilizer is best.

The Frequency Counter needs a shield on top so that the noise of the counter/display does not get into the First Mixer.

For easier construction, the Frequency Counter and switching parts can be built on a PCB board (Approximately 3 1/2" by 3 1/2"), enclosed with sides and top, then mounted on the bottom plate.

Connections to the Speaker and Antenna can also be placed on this board. The ones on this prototype were soldered to the Ground Plane of the PCB's at the back of the boards.

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