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LED Frequency Counter Connections for
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Cutting the Boards

The pictures below show all the parts on the boards. However, it is a lot easier to do this with a blank board, which is recommended. This was shown in case a builder changed his mind after finishing the kit.

Running a sharp knife (like a utility knife) down the holes will help cut or snap the board apart. Cutting both sides help considerably in getting a clean cut. Cut as deep as you can.

Snapping the board apart is easy if you find a way to solidly support one half of the board. If you use a vise, but sure to use cardboard (or anything effective) to keep from scratching the part of the board being held. Push firmly and evenly across the board. Clean up the cut edges with fine sandpaper.

The following pictures show cutting the board with tin snips:

Picture shows starting the cut with the tin snips. Keep the cut straight along the holes in the scribe line you made. Keeping the board along the flat side of the cutting edge helps.

Going further along the cutting process. Notice the board being kept along the cutting edge of the tin snips.

The most difficult of the cut is the last third of the board. If bending the board or keeping it straight gets too difficult, move the tin snips to the other side, getting as close in line as possible to the first cut.

This board was cut before any parts were inserted.

Some trimming may be necessary if you miss the cut a little. Trimming the cut on the pic board is probably not necessary as it will not be seen behind the LED board.

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