Picture of the MOSFET

This part is located in Bag 2

The numbers on the MOSFET are house numbers and vary from part to part. The MOSFET is a MPF131, but that number is not marked on the device.

Notice the arrow pointing to the dot. This dot must be placed at the right location as shown on the PCB. A dot is placed outside the footprint so you can check the correct location after you have mounted the MOSFET on the board.

The MOSFET in the picture has had the legs spread apart slightly and is ready to fit into to the holes in the PCB.

Bend the legs apart at the end of the pins, not next to the device, as shown by the double arrow to the right of the MOSFET. Notice that the leads are not spread apart very far, just slightly.

A side few of the MOSFET.

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