Amateur Radio Receivers

"The Electroluminescent Receiver Kit"

Electroluminescent Diode: a p-n junction device which takes electrical current
and voltage and changes it directly to light. (QST, July 1974, page 62.)

Electroluminescence: the means by which LED's create light.

The Electroluminescent Receiver

Shown with the parts included in the kit with the optional LED Frequency Counter, Frequency Stabilizer (mounted in the bottom back) and S-Meter. Covers the CW portion of 40, 30, 20 and 17 Meters. Can be easily modified to cover the SSB section of 40, 20 and 17 Meters. Easy to follow pictorial instructions makes it a fun build.

Designed as a blood thirsty DX machine, it appeals to the young and the young at heart. With large boards and plenty of room, it is easy to insert parts, diagnosis, and make modifications.

The LEDs show circuit function - MOSFET (13 used) circuit health, gain of the amplifiers, oscillator drive, mixer gain, switching functons, and 12V power - it is the easiest superhet receiver to diagnosis and repair ever!

The ELR, which runs with the big boys, is finding a nitch with the little ones...and the YL's, too!

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LED diagnosis, large circuit boards, wide traces/pads, and step-by-step pictures make this the Buy amoxicillin over counter ukCanada drug pharmacy free shippingKamagra 100mg oral jelly buy Buy unisom online ukViagra buy cheap onlineBuy zithromax suspension online easiest double conversion receiver you will ever put together. For more information read


Amateur Radio Receiver

An CW/SSB receiver that covers the first 100-150 kHz of the 40 and 20 meter bands and all of the 30 and 17 meter bands. Bandwidths can be Cost of avodart in canadaFarmacia online propecia modified.

SWL Listeners

The tuning range of the VFO is expanded to 500kHz to cover most of the 41/31/19/16 Meter SWL bands. Duncan Watson and Gary Rondeau have sent in modifications they made for improved performance of their receivers. They include VFO, crystal filter, AM Detection, and AGC modifications and improvements - check them out.

LED Frequency Counter!

VFO Frequency Stabilizer!

For Beginners and 50/60's Heathkit builders who want to build the Electroluminescent Kit

A QRP Transmitter Design for transceive operation using Superhet Receiver VFOs.

Incorporating this design with the Electroluminescent Receiver Kit.
This is for dead-bug or perforated board
builders only. A PCB kit will eventually be
available after more testing has been done.

Transceiver Operation with the ELR

An updated version of the article "The Best QRP Amp in the World - The DL-QRP-PA" recently published in the Flying Pigs BBQ Newslet